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Welcome to the new-look and updated www.retirement-matters.co.uk– the website aimed at the 50+ age-group, i.e. the young at heart or those caring for them.

We hope you enjoy the newly designed website and find items and links of interest – do let us know of features you would like to see, and be sure that a human (not a machine) will respond.  Keep an eye on our blog and enjoy our unique articles written for this website by the late Derek Jameson.  Dr David Delvin also contributes relevant medical information, exclusive to www.retirement-matters.co.uk

Take a look at our articles re past stars of stage and screen in our lifestyle section, and fascinating input re a very successful competiton winner, Di Coke of Compers News 

Special offers for ‘members only’ will be a frequent feature, so do register to become a member (free at this time !)

Our aim is to have a website which is easy to use, enjoyable and informative and we hope you will be a frequent visitor

People in the 2000’s mostly retire with ambitions, agile minds, they are in good shape and usually have a list of things ‘to do’ now that there may be more time to achieve aspirations.  There is time to revisit old interests, pursue new hobbies and these needn’t be expensive – time to meet up with old friends, time to travel, time to relax, time to learn new skills – so retirement can be seen as another phase of life.  This new phase will last for the rest of your life, so make the most of it!

Thankfully retired people are no longer ‘written off’ but instead are perceived as active members of society

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Retirement Matters site features

Retirement Matters financial and legal info

Annuity advice offered, it's so important to 'shop around'; 'buying a property overseas' - essential information; exclusive legal section soon to be featured...

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Retirement Matters cruise information

Our cruise partner 'Superior Cruises' offer their expertise and overviews to enable you to choose that special experience!

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Retirement Matters travel ideas and recommendations

Retirement beckoning? Look here for ideas for that 'special holiday' or try a new experience !

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Retirement Matters health information

Dr David Delvin - articles exclusively for this website, plus info re hearing, eyesight and much more to come...

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Retirement Matters entertainment and lifestyle info

Entertainment features, 'pearls of wisdom' from the late and missed Derek Jameson, how to care for your pet, fancy a specially commissioned artwork for your home ...all here and more!

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Retirement Matters membership area

Special offers, competitions and a penpal circle to come, member exclusive give-aways, member only information - register free to become a member to be sure to receive latest information and offers...

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