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Austerity Measures - Hard Times Ahead

Low interest rates for the foreseeable future is bad news for savers. Deposits in Bank and Building Societies although safe, currently provide returns that can be below the rate of inflation.This can result in erosion of capital. For those willing to accept some risk to capital for the chance of higher future returns, we recommend seeking the advice of an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA).

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Probate - how to challenge

It is highly emotional when a family member dies. There is shock and grief but sometimes being ‘cut out’ of a Will can be the last straw. Family members can suspect foul play and a small grievance can escalate quickly when a financial inheritance is in question. Read more

Moving House - conveyancing guide

New Conveyancing Guide Helps Over 50s Move House With The Minimum Of Fuss Read more

Legal Jargon Buster

Legal Jargon and What it Means Read more

End of Life Care - know your rights

Most of us will have given some thought to our end of life care, and what we would accept and refuse in terms of treatment. However, shockingly only 4 per cent of UK adults have taken the necessary steps to legally record these wishes, namely making an Advance Decision or... Read more

Secret stashes - skeletons in the cupboard!

Nearly a third of the population has a ‘skeleton in the cupboard’ according to new figures revealed in a nationwide survey of 1,000 adults by Love letters from old flames, saucy underwear and the contents of our internet browsers are all secrets we wouldn’t want our nearest and dearest... Read more

Divorce in Later Life

Lindsay Jones, head of family law at Ultimate Law Solicitors, offers her advice on divorce later on in life: Read more

Signing without reading?

The documents Brits sign without reading Read more

Reorganise Insurance & Stay Warm Guide

Winter needn't be a dull, dreary and shiver-inducing time of year; let our handy guide to staying warm and entertained during the colder months show you how to bring the sunshine back to your days:  Read more

SagaLegal Information reported a strong first year performance for services launched in September 2012. Saga’s entry to the legal market was driven by the need to shake up and improve legal services as only 4% of 9,229 over 50s when asked in June 2012 said they felt that the legal services market... Read more

Shocking rise in rental arrears launches Background Reports to reveal bad tenants  Read more

Probate - putting the pro in probate

Consumers urged to become Probate Pros to avoid losing out Read more

Pensioner properties worth £774.2 billion!

The average retired over-65 homeowner gains £1,120 in three months on their house, Key Retirement Solutions Pensioner Property Index shows  Read more

Buying a Property Overseas

Well, believe it or not, it is a dream that has come true for many.  People have bought apartments or villas in places all around the world, including Cyprus,  France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, the USA, and even more exotic places, such as the Caribbean, Cape Verde, Dubai, Morocco... Read more

Legal section

Please consult your own legal adviser before taking any action; you may email Tim Dakers via  , please also refer to website for further information  Read more

Bank of Mum and Dad

New research by Wesleyan Assurance Society reveals the ‘Bank of Mum & Dad’ is leaving many parents with a potential financial black hole when it comes to care provision, as they continue to prioritise their children’s financial needs in adulthood over their own. Read more

Send your query

$UserDefinedForm Read more

Managing your money - AgeUk advice

AgeUK asked us to promote this article and we are pleased to do so - the reference to Edna Birch is relevant but not exclusive to this character; it's never too late to learn and this article also provides some useful contact information if you are finding retirement brings new... Read more

Baby Boomers - 60 is the new 40!

The UK is witnessing the march of a new type of retiree as the first post-war “baby boomers” pass the old Default Retirement Age of 65.  According to Aviva’s latest Real Retirement Report, more than one in three (39%) over-55s are continuing to receive a wage and nearly half are... Read more

Card Fraud Scam

We are sure you have probably read all the warnings and info in this article, but perhaps NOT all in one place - please do pass on to others for their benefit. May we also add - PLEASE do not respond to any emails requesting information, no financial company will... Read more

Lasting Power of Attorney

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal document whereby a Donor (e.g. yourself) entrusts a personally selected Attorney or Attorneys to deal with certain personal matters once they themselves lack the capacity to do so. Read more

State Pension Living Abroad

British pensioners living overseas have potentially lost out on over £10.6 billion[2] of their income since 2007 due to the falling strength of sterling, according to HiFX, the foreign exchange specialists. Read more

Are you claiming entitlements - check here

Up to 1.6 million older people failing to claim up to £2.8bn pension credit in UK. Benefits advice service offers tips so retirees don’t miss out Read more

Council Tax Arrears?

Offers much-needed solution for those in Council Tax & Business Rate Arrears Read more

Virtual Afterlife - make plans!

Millions of Facebook and Twitter fans are being urged to leave instructions to update their social media status...from beyond the grave. Experts fear that as people have an increasing online presence, their loved ones will face a minefield when it comes to unravelling their digital world when they pass to... Read more