How to Keep Healthy in our Advancing Years

It is a known fact that we are living longer. Professor Sarah Harper of the 'Oxford Institute of Population Ageing' expects that half of today's children will live until the age of 103.

We cannot stop the ageing process but we can make sure our lifestyle helps to keep us fit and healthy as we age. The comprehensive articles by Dr. David Delvin will point you in the right direction to avoid disease and keep you fit in later life, and probably entertain you too. 

We have gathered features from experts re good eye health, information re hearing, tips for healthy feet and much more and will add to these features - please advise us if you wish to see further information on any specific health issue at

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Hearing Aids - protect yours!

It’s hardly a glamorous subject, yet age-related hearing loss is something that affects us all. Beginning from around 30 years old, most people develop significant hearing problems by the time they reach 80. Despite this, taking the decision to start wearing a hearing aid can often be hard, and many... Read more

Articles by Dr David Delvin

Medical info on is provided by  Dr David Delvin M.B, B.S, L.R.C.P, M.R.C.S, D.Obst R.C.O.G, D.C.H, FPA Cert, M.R.C.G.P, Dip Ven, M.F.F.P.R.C.O.G. Read more

Arthritis Research - is romance in decline in UK?

A new survey by the charity Arthritis Research UK reveals that over half (54%) of people in the UK feel that their relationship is less intimate than it used to be.  Read more

Ageing and Hearing Loss

In 2005, The RNID (a charitable organisation working on behalf of the UK's deaf and hard of hearing people) concluded that 9 million UK residents suffer from some type of hearing impairment with most suffering from mild to moderate hearing loss. Read more

When you sleep....

Ever wondered what happens when you sleep and how sleep affects different parts of your body? Read more

Hypnotherapy Directory

Throughout October 2013 the NHS ran it’s second Stoptober campaign encouraging smokers to quit smoking for 28 days. Read more

Suffering in Silence?

Are you suffering in silence, or even embarrassed when you can't quite hear what is going on? Deafness can creep up on you as this thoughtful article reveals ..... Read more

Parkinson's information

This important article refers to Parkinson Aware week whch in 2013 was in April, but we think it's relevant at any time of the year, the case studies are certainly worth reading and may strike a chord with you........... Read more

Older People and Loneliness by Age UK

In response to the ONS report ‘Measuring National Well-being – Older people and loneliness, 2013’, published 11.4.13, Michelle Mitchell, Charity Director General at Age UK, said: Read more

Healthy vision

Research shows that most people over the age of 40 wear spectacles all or part of the time. Vision, like hearing, is something most of us have from birth and take for granted. Yet eyesight can begin to deteriorate at any time of life, which is why it is important... Read more

Hearing loss: you may not know what you are missing

The following article kindly submitted by Roger S Rouse R.H.A.D., M.S.H.A.A of 21st Century Hearing Ltd. For further information, visit their website at Read more

Healthy food tips for over 50s

We received this information and thought - is this 'lifestyle' information or health info ?  So we eventually decided that healthy food info is definitely a lifestyle choice - read on, and hopefully by taking a few tips your health will improve with your lifestyle !  Read more

Sight loss and AMD

Had you heard of Age-related Macular Degeneration? We hadn't and found this piece informative with sensible advice!  Read more

Silver Surfers Damaging their Eyes!

Latest research reveals one in ten Brits are so obsessed with modern technology they look at their smartphone constantly and even take it to bed.  This is taking its toll on our eyes, as 41% of Brits suffer from headaches or blurred vision after regular computer and smartphone use. Read more

Foot Health by Age UK

Even though this piece was produced by Age UK to coincide with Fall's Awareness Week, we have decided to retain in our Health section as the information is relevant at any time of the year! Read more