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Alzheimers seems to be on everybody's mind these days - we have received many interesting articles from the Alzheimer's Society, all here for your information in one place.

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Direct Enhanced Services via GPs

Latest figures about the uptake of different Directed Enhanced Services (DES) obtained by Pulse magazine show that the dementia DES is the most popular of the new services GPs can provide, with over 59 per cent now signed up to taking a more proactive approach to diagnosing people living with dementia. Read more

Tau-binding compound news

Tau-binding compound sheds light on Alzheimer’s through PET Imaging Read more

Diabetes Drug - reduce risk of dementia?

Diabetes drug could reduce risk of dementia by 20 per cent The most widely used drug for type 2 diabetes could reduce the risk of people with the condition developing dementia by as much as 20 per cent according to research presented at Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Boston on... Read more

Anaemia - higher risk of dementia?

Anaemia and low levels of iron in blood may be linked to increased risk of dementia according to new research published in Neurology on Wednesday 31 July 2013. Read more

Inability to recognise famous faces

The ability to recognise and name famous faces could be an indicator of a particular rarer form of dementia in people aged 40-65 according to a study published in Neurology on Tuesday 13 August 2013. The research, led by Northwestern University in Chicago found that people with early onset Primary... Read more

Dementia patients face long wait for diagnosis

People with dementia continue to face long waits for diagnosis and support Read more

Talking Point 10 year online

Alzheimer’s Society is celebrating ten years of its online forum, Talking Point this week. Older than popular social networking sites Facebook and Twitter, Talking Point is a lifeline for over 100,000 people with dementia and carers who visit the site each month. Read more

Disappointing news re health care assistants

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt announced a number of measures on Tuesday 26th February 2013 to improve patient safety including a statutory duty of candour on all health and social care providers requiring them to inform patients of serious risks to service users. Read more

Excessive drinking could increase risks .....

Excessive alcohol intake in adolescence could increase the risk of developing early-onset dementia, according to research published in JAMA Internal Medicine on Monday 12th August 2013. Read more

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