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Winter ailments - by Dr David Delvin

It’s a fact of life that during the colder part of the year, the more senior members of society are likely to develop various ‘winter ailments’ - mostly caused by germs. Read more

Keep fit in later life – by Dr David Delvin

Well, the short answer is yes! Really, we all need a certain amount of exercise, in order to keep healthy. If we don't get it then it's likely that our health will deteriorate. Read more

Avoiding Heart Disease - by Dr David Delvin

To be frank, retirement age is the age when these attacks could start getting more frequent. Read more

Womens Cancers - by Dr David Delvin

And the majority of cancers occur in the retirement age group. That’s why it’s so important for people in this group to be well informed. By being properly informed, you give yourself the best chance of AVOIDING cancer – or, if you get it, of DEFEATING it. Read more

Mens Cancers - by Dr David Delvin

Another article deals with the types of cancer which commonly affect WOMEN in the retirement age group. So in this article I am going to look at cancers which affect MEN. Read more

Heat Can Kill - by Dr David Delvin

Did you know that excessive heat can kill you? Read more

Phobias - by Dr David Delvin

Do YOU have a particular fear of something? Read more

Asthma - by Dr David Delvin

The obvious ‘culprit’ is the awful air pollution that exists today. But in fact, asthma has also increased in parts of the UK where there is practically NO pollution! This is very odd indeed, and at the moment scientists can’t explain it. Read more

Back Ache/Pain - by Dr David Delvin

Well, I really do feel for you! I had awful back pain myself for about 15 years, so I know how truly miserable it can be. Read more

Allergies - by Dr David Delvin

Have YOU got any allergies? I certainly have! And so do a huge chunk of the population. Read more

You and Your Ears - by Dr David Delvin

It's an unfortunate fact that as you get a little older, your ears tend to give you more trouble.  This is because - like almost everything else in the body - the areas are subject to a bit of 'wear and tear' as the decades go by. Read more

Cholesterol - by Dr David Delvin

If you are over 40, you really DO need to know about cholesterol!Honestly, understanding a little bit about this interesting stuff could save your life.  Why?  Because a high cholesterol is quite likely to kill you - if you don't do something about it.But unfortunately, I find that most people... Read more

Sleep & Snoring - by Dr David Delvin

Sleep, as Shakespeare remarked, is the ‘chief nourisher in life’s feast’. In other words, we need it, and we need it badly! If you don’t sleep well, then life soon starts to go wrong. You begin to feel tired, out of sorts, even grumpy. Read more

Single Again - by Dr David Delvin

Recently, life has changed in some extraordinary ways, hasn't it? Read more

Stress - by Dr David Delvin

Some folk think that it's only young people who get stress. They are wrong! In fact, I see an awful lot of retired people who are suffering from stress. Obviously, in most cases they no longer have job worries. But they're subject to all sorts of other anxieties and cares. Read more

Alternative Medicine - by Dr David Delvin

Have YOU tried alternative medicine? Read more

Memory - by Dr David Delvin

Is your memory QUITE what it was? If you’re over 45, the answer is almost certainly ‘No’! Read more

Bereavement - by Dr David Delvin

Sadly, nearly all of us have to face bereavement at some time in our lives – and most commonly in the period when we’ve passed the age of 50. Read more