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Retirement Matters is pleased to provide profiles of famous actors and actresses from the past, exclusively written for this website by Siobhan Staples; not just a talented writer, Siobhan originally trained as an actress at The Welsh College of Music & Drama, she then spent five years touring the UK performing everything from Shakespeare to obscure new comedy – we hope you enjoy these interesting and informative features 

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Joyce Grenfell

A gifted musician, talented film actress, witty & entertaining writer and of course, Queen of the comic monologue - Joyce Grenfell was a woman of many talents.Her good friend Celia Johnson confessed to feeling jealous of Joyce's talent, saying it was "perfectly absurd that one person should have all these talents". Read more

Sybil Thorndike

The name Sybil Thorndike conjures up a wealth of wonderful images: the classic actress who created the role of Saint Joan for George Bernard Shaw: the Grand Dame of British Theatre who could reputedly sweep into a room and make everyone in the room believe they were the one she'd... Read more

Dirk Bogarde

Dirk was born in 1921 to Ulric van den Bogaerde, the first and most influential Art Editor of The Times newspaper, and the actress Margaret Niven. Ulric was immensely ambitious for his first child and from early on groomed Dirk to follow in his footsteps at The Times. Read more

Celia Johnson

Celia Johnson was one of the most respected actresses of her generation. Her career in the British theatre spanned more than fifty years, and her film career stretched from the classic weepy Brief Encounter in 1945 to The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie twenty-three years later.But for someone who enjoyed... Read more

Edith Evans

Famed for her unforgettable performance as the terrifying Lady Bracknell in The Importance of Being Earnest, Edith Evans spent much of her subsequent long career trying to avoid being cast again and again in what she called ‘Bracknell-type’ roles.  An actress of great versatility and no little experience she was... Read more

Noel Coward

The world has never seen a man quite like Noel Coward. As a writer he could knock off a hit show in a matter of days, as an actor his career spanned five decades and as a cabaret performer he won the hearts of a whole new generation. Read more

Peter O'Toole: An Uncommon Man

A man of many contradictions - shot to sudden stardom by his first major film role, he struggled to achieve such greatness again. Star of the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford in his youth, he later went on to create what has been called the worst production of Macbeth ever... Read more

James Mason

James Mason was an actor of contradictions. He was a lover of classical drama who made his name not in the theatre but in the world of film. He was a quietly spoken, deeply private man who chose to follow the most public of careers. Read more

Robert Redford

Robert Redford is one of the few actors in Hollywood that has had constant involvement in Hollywood for the duration of his career. Embarking on his 77th birthday Redford has spent 53 of those years in the spotlight for his participation in front or behind the camera. Read more