Pets: Your cats and dogs and more ...

Cats or Dogs?  Or some more exotic pet? 

We feature some questions and answers submitted to our site, and welcome more queries - please consult an expert re a specific problem, but we hope to able to answer general queries ! 

At present we have looked at cats, dogs, fish and budgies - if you have a more exotic pet, do let us know and we will feature the more exotic in the future.

Ever fancied being a pet-sitter?  Ill health forced Nina Cole and her husband to re-evaluate their lives and they now enjoy this unusual occupation and are recruiting others .......   scroll down to read their light hearted story

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Cats - all you need to know!

Q.  I have a cat which is half-wild/half-domesticated: Read more

Dogs - all you need to know!

Q.  My female dog is displaying male sexual behaviour?:  We have a 7-month Otterhound and she is mounting various bits of furniture, e.g. the sofa, or its loose cushions. She is displaying what looks like thrusting backwards and forwards movements, I would have associated with male dogs only. Read more

Fish tanks!

As with everyone beginning a new hobby, mistakes are easy to make, so starting by keeping coldwater fish is a good way to learn: they are hardy and easy to keep.  This advice is general in content, for specific queries re your own circumstances, location of tank, breed of fish... Read more

Budgies as Pets

Just some considerations: because of the dust they produce, birds should not be kept in a bedroom or looked after by somebody suffering from asthma or any breathing problems; also people with impaired immune systems should not keep birds as pets.Most pet budgies live in indoor cages in the house,... Read more

Pet sitting - a new career perhaps!

For committed animal lovers, this service is long overdue. It affords your pet the opportunity to continue their regular routine and eating habits, owners can enjoy their annual sabbatical in the knowledge that their house is being lived in, plants are being watered and gardens tended whilst they are away. Read more