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Posted by MJ on 13 January 2015

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Do you know your way around a computer? Why not help other people to get online?

When the Retirement Matters website started many years ago, we were new to the internet and not at all confident about using it! We come from a generation where there weren’t computers in schools or the workplace so we relied on colleagues to guide us and show us how much we could do once we got to grips with things like email and Skype ...

That’s why we were so pleased to hear about Spring Online (formerly 'Silver Surfers' Day) – the digital inclusion campaign repeated by Digital Unite in association with Carphone Warehouse – which enables thousands of older people to have a go at computers, tablets and the internet, many for the first time.

During Spring Online Week (20th April - 26th April 2015) individuals, families and organisations across the UK will hold free taster events to help and inspire local people to get online.

Nearly 6 million over 55s in the UK have never used the internet and if you go online regularly, you’ll know they are missing out on a huge range of benefits, from shopping and paying bills to keeping in touch with family and friends and saving money. It’s been estimated that households save on average £560 a year by being online. 

So if you know your way around a computer (and as you’re visiting this website we guess you do!) why not join in the Spring Online campaign and hold your own taster event to help friends and neighbours to get online?

It needn’t be a grand affair – you could invite some neighbours in for biscuits and broadband or take a tablet to your local café or pub. Last year, Spring Online events were even held at a fish and chip shop and football club!

All you really need is the patience to sit down with someone and show them how to use a computer keyboard, browse a tablet or smartphone or send an email.

Digital Unite has lots of activity ideas, advice and downloadable marketing materials at its website at and there is chance to win some great prizes in the Spring Online Best Event Awards when you register your event.

More information is available at  by calling 0800 228 9272 or emailing so why not have a go? 

Content credited to:  Digital Unite February 2014 

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