Downsizing or escaping the country, our property is a biggest asset and great souce of comfort and security in later life. Property tips and advice.

winkworth sherwood

Over half (54%) of the Winckworth Sherwood and Housing LIN respondents say the bungalows remain the most desirable property option, with just a third (35%) preferring flats. And an overwhelming 72% want them in or close to a thriving town centre.

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National award for Streets Apart project in Redbridge that tackled isolation in over 65s through walking groups meant 94% of people became more active #walking #loneliness

This morning campaigners from #StopHS2, #ExtinctionRebellion and the #GreenParty came to the #Uxbridge constituency of #BorisJohnson reenact the devastation #HS2 want to carry out, just after the PM had tried to pretend the Oakervee Review hadn't been leaked on #BBCYourQuestions RetirementMatte photo