The Big Six are losing customers to cleaner energy suppliers

Clean Energy
There are 72 active energy suppliers in the UK and 60 of those supply both gas and electricity so with energy prices still rising it is a great time to switch.

There are 72 active energy suppliers in the UK and 60 of those supply both gas and electricity so with energy prices still rising it is a great time to switch. A great time too to look for cheaper and cleaner energy powered by wind or solar.


The Big Six Energy Companies being abandoned

1.4 million households have already left one of the big six for cheaper alternatives following a number of recent price increases.

Alternative energy groups such as Bulb and Octopus are more attractive to conscious clean energy shoppers wanting to adopt energy from wind and solar.

Switching can take just 10 minutes

Many of us are put off from switching with the perception that it will be a difficult and stressful process. In reality, it is a quick and easy online process that could take as little as 10 minutes to complete.

Look after my bills

A website called look after my bills gives people an online tool to switch to a cheaper energy supplier.

Telegraph Big Switch

The Telegraph media company have created a collective energy switch service helping people find the cheapest gas and electric tariff for their home.

The Telegraph Big Switch is organised by energyhelpline.

Register for the Free Big Switch by the Telegraph

Bills, prices and tariffs

Ofgem is a great website for information and resources on the energy sector.

The recently published a great Infograph showing the data behind the bills, prices and tariffs.

It shows the cheapest available tariff is £797 per year compared to the standard variable rate of £1,172 per year as of June 2018

Ofgem: infograph


Clean Energy Suppliers

Renewable energy is the way forward for the world to manage Climate Change. Gaining clean energy from the sun and the wind is the best decision.


Bulb Energy – Making Energy Simpler, Cleaner and Cheaper

Bulb Energy was born from a desire to make the industry better for everyone. Go to there website and enter your postcode for an energy quotation.

Bulb Energy

Octopus – clean energy supplier

Octopus Energy offers energy powered by renewables. The Super Green Octopus Tariff offers 100% renewable electricity, and full carbon offsets for gas. This means that from an energy point of view your home is carbon neutral – leaving no footprint on the planet.

Get a Quote from Octopus Energy


A yearly review of energy suppliers is well worth the time as this one of the fastest changing industries in the world today. Clean Energy from renewable’s is taking off and spreading into the mainstream of home owners across the UK. Clean energy is now becoming cheaper than our traditional oil, gas and coal products and this beneficial to our climate.

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