Celebrate World Kindness Day with 17 Covid heroes

world kindess day
If there's one thing that myself and the team at StoryTerrace have learned in the lockdown, it's that a very small group of amazing people have been able to have an incredible effect on the mental and physical wellbeing of hundreds, if not thousands of people around them.

For World Kindness Day we have taken stories from Britain’s national biography-writers who documented the kindness stories to come out of COVID-19. The pandemic really inspired many to help others.

Story Terrace share a selection of the most inspiring, uplifting and unbelievable kindness stories they have documented this summer, whittled down from hundreds of tales that Story Terrace’s professional biographers have recorded from across Britain.

Here are the top 17 kindness stories to come out of the pandemic

Paul Wilkie – the selfless veteran delivering vital medicine

World Kindness DayA 22-year veteran with the Royal Engineers, Paul suffers from severe PTSD, and has formed an incredible bond with his service dog, Irma, who helps him to cope with his condition. Yet despite his symptoms, Paul and Irma pick up vital medication for elderly or unwell people in his local community, and deliver the prescriptions on a daily basis to help those who are unable to leave their homes during the Coronavirus pandemic

A Team GB canoeist who became an NHS support worker

World Kindness DayChloe was set to compete at the 2020 Olympic Games as a canoeist for Team GB. When the games were postponed due to Coroanvirus, Chloe signed up to become an NHS support worker.
Chloe and her mother Jackie also provided support to a local mother and her autistic daughter, whose father passed away during the pandemic, providing daily meals, shopping and reassurance, all whilst caring for their own families.

The London bus driver who kept the capital moving throughout Coronavirus

World Kindness DayLondon bus driver Moe set up Facebook and WhatsApp chat groups of over 20,000 TfL workers to help other bus drivers in London communicate safety problems, report passenger needs and pass information on workers rights. He was also responsible for suggesting a number of the hygiene and safety protocols, such as cab screens and closing off the front door of the bus, on transport which is still in use today.

The woman who built a national NFP to support key workers and isolated people in lockdown

World Kindness DaySoumya founded “Letters For The NHS”, a not-for-profit project writing and sending letters of support to key workers. The project has amassed hundreds of volunteers and now writes to isolated, elderly people to battle loneliness during the pandemic.

The former chef-turned social entrepreneur

World Kindness DayProfessional chef, Leon Aarts, started a kitchen making meals for NHS Heroes in London at the beginning of the pandemic. With his team of volunteers, he has made over 150,000 meals for NHS, key workers and people in need over a 9-week period.





  • Rajinder Singh: The Skipping Sikh has raised over £13,000 for the NHS through his fundraising efforts and skipping videos, helping the elderly and the Sikh community to remain active in lockdown
  • Pauline Hughes: A lifelong nurse who worked through the Troubles in Northern Ireland, 72-year-old Pauline Hughes is still working as a nurse to look after vulnerable patients despite being at a high risk herself for COVID-19
  • Ali Harris: An ICU nurse who did not miss a single shift during lockdown, despite losing a close family member to COVID. She also ran a half marathon to raise money for the charity Bloodwise
  • Alison Thompson: the woman who built the charity “Patchwork Meadow”, distributing wildflower seeds throughout Birmingham to create incredible green spaces in the city during the pandemic
  • Francis Fernando: The Filipino Nurse has created the “Filipino Nurses Association UK”, which is the professional association for Filipino nurses and has worked to protect thousands of Filipino key workers across the country, who suffer a mortality rate of over 20%
  • Erin Leonard: A victim of an unprovoked attack which was recorded and went viral, Erin suffered hugely from PTSD and depression. However, after a local gym owner helped her regain her confidence through boxing, Erin went on to become a carer and now looks after vulnerable patients
  • Olivia Herring: the creator of the #cakeinyaface4NHS campaign, Olivia raised over £30,000 for the NHS by caking her parents in the face
  • Victoria Hill: The creator of “Crafting for Covid”, a volunteering group which crafted thousands of accessories and useful items to help key workers during the height of the pandemic
  • Michey Chan: A hotel chef who has cooking meals daily to feed teachers and children of key workers during the pandemic. He has also started cooking classes, helping kids and teachers to cook new meals
  • Isla-Rose and Lily-Mae: 2-year-old twins have walked the equivalent of a marathon in fancy dress, covering a mile a day to raise over £1000 from the NHS and Barnardo’s
  • Vik and Manu: The Bounce Bhangra Brothers have been providing free Bhangra fitness classes every weeknight throughout the entire lockdown
  • Caitlin Pease: An eight year old who designed, made and sold bracelets to raise money for key workers, whilst also putting together hundreds of care packages and gift boxes to children and families in the local area

Rutger Bruining, CEO and Founder of StoryTerrace, comments on the Unsung Heroes and discusses how a small group of people can positively impact the lives of thousands:

“If there’s one thing that myself and the team at StoryTerrace have learned in the lockdown, it’s that a very small group of amazing people have been able to have an incredible effect on the mental and physical wellbeing of hundreds, if not thousands of people around them.

We are extremely proud to work with these amazing people, and to record the stories of these Unsung Heroes to ensure their hard work and efforts will remain as part of their legacy.

However, with COVID cases on the rise again across the UK, and with the country facing the prospect of another period of strict lockdown, it is more important than ever to cast a light on the key workers, volunteers and fundraisers that are risking their lives daily for others, as these are the people that will be instrumental in helping communities everywhere survive another period in isolation away from their families.

Through StoryTerrace, I have learned that above all, that a sense of community is vital for our mental health and wellbeing—and preserving and reminiscing on our own life stories is so important to our happiness. Documenting memories and the emotions attached to them allow us to share and reminisce on our personal tales – and everyone has a story worth sharing.”

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