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In 2000 the late Derek Jameson kindly wrote some pieces for this website and we were (and still are) proud to be able to reproduce his articles EXACTLY as written! Derek recalled that when he was editor of a well known newspaper he had been taken to task by many a famous journalist if he ever dared to amend / alter any words submitted – this extended to a comma or an apostrophe, an ‘and’ or a ‘the’ – each journalist insisted his piece was submitted exactly as written OR NOT AT ALL!

So when reading through Derek’s excellent submissions for our website it is tempting to amend to bring up-to-date (mention of Alistair Darling for example) BUT we have resisted this – who are we to correct / amend where the articles speak for themselves and are written in Derek’s inimitable and unique style. If a piece seems a bit ‘behind the times’ please remember that Derek contributed all these in 2000 and would have been the first to agree that times change but his sentiments remain relevant whenever written!

Each piece concludes with Derek’s cheery and personal ending that he ‘will be back soon’...  whilst the articles on are too few we hope you will enjoy and appreciate a true wordsmith writing in his own words expressing his own thoughts and observations, memories and style – ENJOY!

We were so sorry to learn that Derek passed away at his home in Worthing in September 2012, leaving his wife Ellen and family.  A professional and admirable man who bought pleasure to many and was a true 'original' and always fondly remembered 

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