Give grandchildren a gift to remember

Give grandchildren a gift to remember

Give grandchildren a gift to remember with stink bombs, owl hoot whistles and catapults Stink bombs, ‘owl hoot’ whistles for sending secret signals, and catapults with marshmallows for bombarding enemies are among the contents of ‘Adventures in a Box’ from the BattleBox Company – the ideal way to inspire grandchildren to enjoy the great outdoors. Each kit is designed to inspire an activity and help tempt children away from the TV and computer and help them rediscover how to create their own excitement and work as a team with friends and siblings. From den building to planning an ambush or telling ghost tales around a campfire, there is a BattleBox filled with everything they could need. As well as the fun items the kits also include all sorts of essential supplies such as camping gear, camouflage equipment, a mess tin for cooking and a lantern for midnight walks. There are 10 kits priced from £22 to £150 including The Dangerous Den Kit, The Great British Explorer’s Kit and the Extreme Ambush Kit. Visit:

The Dangerous Den Kit

Dens are wonderful things and this kit contains all that is needed to build a really good strong one. Full of ideas showing you how to make the most dangerous of dens, tree houses and Igloos – from camouflage tarpaulin, and plenty of good strong rope with steel pegs to secure, to camouflage netting and hessian sand bags to be filled with straw, leaves or sand to provide even greater protection from the enemy. All this and more besides can be packed up into the trusty backpack supplied, ready to be taken on an adventure whether it be down in the woods or at the bottom of the garden!

The Great British Camping Kit

This Great British Camping Kit has absolutely all that is needed for an exciting night under the stars. From the genuine army tent – the perfect size for a couple of adventurers and their dogs, a cosy sleeping bag and trusty lantern, to the first aid kit and the mess tins for cooking your own supper over the campfire. So what are you waiting for? Get out there, invite a friend over, set up camp and start toasting those marshmallows! This is a great kit to encourage children to really love being outside and enjoy a bit of independence and a few skills - even if it is at the bottom of the garden to start with.

The Extreme Ambush Kit

A huge amount of fun can be had with this Kit. All over the country XBoxes are being set aside in favour of one of these kits, which contain amongst other exciting things a camouflage ghillie suit to help you disappear off into the wilderness, an owl hoot to warn that the enemy are approaching, stink bombs and bomb bags as well as catapults and marshmallows to bombard the enemy.



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