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“We have noticed that the care industry is very supportive of the virtual concept which is currently being used in 433 facilities across the world,”

Engaging in physical activity whilst in isolation is good for the soul. New equipment allows elderly to cycle around the world or back in time.

Specially adapted exercise bikes enables older people to engage in physical activity whilst revisiting familiar places from their childhood and other important points in their lives, or travel the world, through a video projection that plays whilst the person pedals: allowing them to virtually cycle through thousands of destinations.

Virtually cycle through thousands of destinations

Sylvia (96) om motiview from Motitech AS on Vimeo.

During the global COVID-19 pandemic this technology is extremely valuable in giving those that are most at risk the opportunity to partake in enjoyable physical activity and immerse themselves in the outside world, from the safety of their own residences.

Getting physical and mental stimulation

With increased isolation comes a higher risk of both physical and mental decline, and loneliness, depression and anxiety are a huge cause for concern. With many families unable to visit their relatives, it is now, more than ever, crucial that older people have an outlet to be able to feel physically and mentally stimulated while remaining indoors.

Care England, a leading representative body for independent care services in England, alongside The National Care Forum, an organisation that represents non-profit care providers throughout the UK, is also supporting the promotion of this product; helping those in long-term care get access to vital initiatives like this.

“These are exceptionally uncertain times for all of us at the moment, and during a period where many older people and people with dementia aren’t able to go outside, it is vital that we can help not just residents, but also key care staff maintain a state of normality. This product will allow many more care homes, care facilities, and individuals gain that feeling of independence and, crucially, give thousands of people the chance to remain active and mentally stimulated whilst self-isolating. We are aware of how valuable the technology is for our existing users who are currently required to remain indoors, and we want to give as many older people as possible the ability to travel the world from the safety of their own home.” comments Stian Lavik, Chief Business Officer and Director at Motitech UK.

Speaking on the positive impact that the technology can have on residents’ quality of life, Libby Miles, Client Services Manager at Wiltshire Heights care home comments:

“We have been using Motiview for six months now and since the introduction of the system, and its launch through “Road Worlds for Seniors”, we have seen an amazing uptake in the use of the equipment. As soon as word got out, and residents saw how easy the equipment is to use, more and more residents took up the challenge. Fast forward six months to the frightening world we find ourselves in. As a care home, we are supporting our residents to keep active, physically healthy, and mentally healthy. We are a home that goes out into its community regularly and having this restricted has hit the residents hard; however, the beauty of Motiview is that it enables us to transport our residents safely to their favourite places. We have seen an increase of residents, yet again, using the system to fulfil that need and we are so grateful that we have this technology in place.”

Since the launch in the UK several British care homes have reported an increase in residents who are now able to walk with assistance, having previously been wheelchair-bound, with other widely documented health benefits including:

  • Improved quality of life
  • Increased mobility
  • Fewer fall
  • Improved confidence and social interactions
  • Faster rehabilitation
  • Improved mental well being

The first care service in the UK to utilise the trial is Surrey-based CHD Living. Shaleeza Hasham, Head of Hospitality and Communications at CHD Living comments:

“At CHD Living, we love the concept behind Motitech and the opportunity their software provides for users to virtually cycle through thousands of destinations around the world. It’s something that all of our residents will be able to benefit from, particularly at this time of self-isolation when it’s not possible to get outside. We’re extremely grateful to Motitech for offering their software to us on a complimentary basis at this difficult time, and we look forward to seeing how it will enrich the lives of our service users”.

Destinations around the world or back in time

The Covid-19 pandemic has locked down older people in the UK and separated them from friends and loved ones, this is one of the ways to improve well being and reduce the stress of isolation by providing footage of thousands of destinations from around the world including Rome, Tel Aviv, London and Singapore from the comfort of their own residence.

To find out more visit Motitech.


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