Doro and PhoneEasy 614

The Doro PhoneEasy 614 is loaded with extras that have seen Doro’s mobile phones prove popular amongst those looking for an easy-to-use option with added benefits.

Doro expands its 3G portfolio with PhoneEasy 614

More choice from Doro the market leader in easy mobile devices

(note: read our unbiased review at foot of page)

Doro is excited to unveil its latest 3G mobile phone. The Doro PhoneEasy 614 allows customers who currently use a 3G network to enter the world of easy-to-use handsets. The clamshell design of this new model is not only stylish but also makes answering & ending calls even easier.

The Doro PhoneEasy 614 is loaded with extras that have seen Doro’s mobile phones prove popular amongst those looking for an easy-to-use option with added benefits.

Features include large & well-spaced keys, extra-loud & clearer ringtones, amplified sounds, hearing aid compatibility & impressive battery life. Users will also be able to enjoy; four direct-dial memory buttons which can be pre-programmed with specific contact numbers, a direct SMS button that will take them straight to the texting menu, a charging cradle & Bluetooth connectivity. The large high resolution screen also benefits from enhanced easy-to-read text, with extra large font & four colour themes for the best contrast possible. These design details all help to make the Doro PhoneEasy 614 an attractive & suitable choice for the wider 3G enabled audience seeking an easy mobile.

Chris Millington, Managing Director of Doro UK & Ireland said. “We have taken our award winning PhoneEasy concept & applied 3G technology to it. People using 3G can now benefit from our inclusive design philosophy. I strongly believe that this introduction to our range will create new market opportunities for the channel, retailers & networks.”

Priced at £140 sim-free and available from

Product highlights

  • Clamshell design
  • 3G connectivity
  • Direct memories and direct SMS button
  • Easy to read text and display with enhanced contrast
  • Extra loud and clear sound
  • Hearing aid compatible

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About Doro

Doro, the leader in the telecom care market is a Swedish public company. With over 38 years of experience in the telecom industry, the company focuses on developing, marketing and selling products, software, TeleCare and mHealth solutions specially adapted to the growing worldwide population of seniors. Doro’s range of easy-to-use mobile phones is unmatched and its unique know-how has been recognized through several international design awards. The company’s products are sold in more than 30 countries on five continents. In FY 2011 revenue totalled SEK 745m. Doro’s shares are quoted on the OMX Nasdaq Stockholm exchange, Nordic list, Small companies.
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REVIEW NOTE: We were delighted to be given the opportunity to review this phone – what a joy to be able to clearly see the ‘keyboard’, we don’t consider ourselves elderly but have that problem with eyesight where everything looks smaller so easy to read text and display is a joy! We’ve all experienced that sinking feeling when you need to send a text or to answer the phone and by the time glasses are on and off, or the phone is held at arms length, the moment has gone! We also asked a 91 year old with hearing problems if it would make life easier and she was very enthusiastic because it looked so much easier than others she had seen and she liked the hearing aid compatibility – so much so that she has now ordered one! So highly recommended for this more senior age group without losing all the features needed (incidentally the phone works with most sim cards e.g. Vodaphone)

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