Six Top Tips To Get Your Skin Autumn Ready

Skin Care
It’s no secret that the Sun’s UV rays cause the breakdown of collagen (a protein in your skin that helps keep your skin’s suppleness and elasticity) which results in premature skin ageing and appearance of wrinkles.

The summer is nearly over so as the temperature drops here are six top tips to get your skin autumn ready. Looking after our skin is very important to health and well-being.

 1. Do not ditch the SPF

Just because the sun is hiding behind the clouds and the temperature has dropped from 30 degrees doesn’t mean we put the sun cream away. Skin cancer is becoming more common with approximately 42 cases being diagnosed every day according to Melonoma UK.

Approximately 2,500 people die every year from malignant melanoma in the UK.

The best prevention is to look after your skin, keep it out of the sun or if you need to go into the sun then use good quality spf cream.

2. Don’t skimp on moisturising

As we get older we change our skin creams to suit the different stages of ageing.  As a young woman my skin was perfectly happy with Olay but now it requires a bit more moisture and a lot more oil to penetrate the dry skin.

Moving into the Autumn when the temperature cools and the wind starts to whip up on our early morning walks, our skin is susceptible to drying out. We need rich moisturisers to retain the moisture. Avoid using hot water when showering or cleansing the face. Look out for moisturises containing Jojoba and Argan Oils. Preferably have a day cream and a night cream that nourishes the skin while we are sleeping. Daily creams should be lightweight and contain the spf factor.

Wǒ’s rich and creamy yet lightweight Wonder Cream Daily Base melts into the skin and cleanses and conditions the skin in one sweep. The end of summer doesn’t have to mean the end of holidays!

If you are going away for an end of summer getaway or planning an autumn city break this is a perfect travel friendly skincare routine in 1 application.


3. Under eyes deserve special treatment

The skin under our eyes is more tender and fragile so will often need a separate cream or serum.

The changes in temperature can cause irritation, especially around the eyes. An specially formulated eye cream can be dabbed on morning and evening to keep it hydrated and help prevent wrinkles.

Wǒ’s raved about Power TonIQ™ Eye Contour Perfecting Essence and Power TonIQ™ Wrinkle Fighting Essence are an ideal addition to your Autumn skincare routine, formulated with powerful actives these will brighten and tone this delicate area as well as improve skin elasticity.

You may think it is just yet another product to lug around but Wǒ’s commitment to mono-dosage skincare means this will fit nice and snug inside your makeup bag.

Skin Care

4. Pack in the Vitamins and Antioxidants

Beauty comes within so don’t underestimate how diet can improve skin health and improve radiance.

Look out for products that contain Vitamins and Antioxidants such as Vitamin A, C,E and D. Vitamin C in particular is great during the colder months, when it hits autumn and the cold temperatures and dryness follow, our skin tends to lose its brightness and glow.

Vitamin C helps to restore this by boosting skin brightness and collagen production. No need to spend years looking at the small print of your skincare, Wǒ’s Power TonIQ™ Skin Tone Brightening Essence contains a special type of Vitamin C which converts once absorbed on the skin, helps lighten and promote collagen synthesis. These powerful essences are formulated with concentrated actives and ingredients to provide targeted relief in one dose .So you only need to bring what you need with you, whether you’re sneaking off abroad before Autumn (lucky!) or you’re having a British Retreat Wǒ has you covered.

5. You are what you eat

It’s no secret that the Sun’s UV rays cause the breakdown of collagen (a protein in your skin that helps keep your skin’s suppleness and elasticity) which results in premature skin ageing and appearance of wrinkles.

After the summer and inevitable extra sun exposure, think about prioritising fatty acids in your diet, these are found in fatty fish such as salmon, nuts, seeds, plant oils to promote the repairing of cells. As mentioned before, antioxidants will boost skin protection and can be found in fruits, legumes and vegetables.

6. Drink a lot of water – we mean it

Drinking plenty of water keeps your skin feeling supple, healthy and hydrated. Not only does it help to reduce the appearance of fine lines it also prevents tired and dull looking skin.

This is even more important during colder months as we forget to stay as hydrated as we did in the summer.

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