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STRONG FIRST YEAR PERFORMANCE FOR SAGALEGAL.CO.UK reported a strong first year performance for services launched in September 2012. Saga’s entry to the legal market was driven by the need to shake up and improve legal services as only 4% of 9,229 over 50s when asked in June 2012 said they felt that the legal services market was OK as it.  The service* is aimed at revolutionising the market by making legal services more straightforward in terms of charges, language and accessibility.*

Saga listened to the concerns the over 50s reported with legal services and aimed to fill a gap in the market for a range of legal services based on value, certainty of cost, accessibility and excellence in customer service. offers services including Will Writing, Power of Attorney, Conveyancing and Probate. One thing they also do is ensure fair and affordable fixed prices, agreed at the outset.  Conveyancing is charged at a flat rate for all, rather than based on the value of the property bought or sold and probate fees depend on the complexity of the estate rather than the value, saving considerable amounts for those who have benefitted from the rise in house prices over the decades, but have relatively standard financial affairs.

Roger Ramsden, Chief Executive, Saga Services commented: “The legal services market in the past appeared to be stacked in favour of the provider rather than the consumer.  Our aim was to change things so we developed services with the customer in mind.  People want legal advice and products at a price they understand, can afford and that is agreed in advance.  They also want a decent service, all too often customers have to chase solicitors for action and updates and this shouldn’t be the case.  Our intention has been to address those needs and to make legal services more accessible and affordable to a great many more people. The need for this kind of service is proven by the reaction we have had since we launched, we have had over 14,000 calls, particularly for estate planning and conveyancing.”

 * available in England and Wales only.

Content credited to:  SagaLegal - October 2013

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