Secret stashes - skeletons in the cupboard!

Secret stashes preventing peace of mind

Nearly a third of the population has a ‘skeleton in the cupboard’ according to new figures revealed in a nationwide survey of 1,000 adults by Love letters from old flames, saucy underwear and the contents of our internet browsers are all secrets we wouldn’t want our nearest and dearest to uncover after our death. Failing to address these issues in good time is something most of us fail to do according to the legal service provider and the advent of a new year could represent the perfect opportunity for resolution.

The top five most concerning skeletons in the proverbial cupboard are:

  • Secret Debt (9 percent)
  • Diaries, journals (9 percent)
  • Private photographs (9 percent)
  • Internet browsing history (8 percent)
  • Racy underwear or dirty laundry (7 per cent)

Half of us will seek to achieve peace of mind in the Spring by de-cluttering the house and for many; this could include stashing old love letters, deleting our online exploits and hiding private diaries. Other things thought to provide a clean conscience include settling family feuds, confessing clandestine love and paying off debt.

Whether these items are securely concealed or not, the prospect of them coming to light after your death is a concern for millions. Knowing the children might inadvertently delve into your browser history or unearth photos from another time is also not something most parents would welcome. Stashed or forgotten frillies from nights of passion found under the bed are also a source of anxiety!

The research also revealed the nation’s financial concerns with over a quarter of respondents saying they would like to repay debts and a third saying being free of the mortgage would ease their concerns. A third of people also recognised the importance of having a Will in securing their family’s long-term future.

Emma Soames, Editor-at-Large of Saga Magazine comments:  “Skeletons finding the light of day can be problematic at the best of times but especially so for our loved ones at a time of bereavement. The start of a new year is the perfect time to set your life in order – whether that’s by censoring sensitive possessions or settling legal affairs to secure your family’s financial future. recommends you think carefully about how you want to be remembered when you are gone. This is even more important if it involves money or issues with legal implications. The good news is that older generations are the most relaxed about their skeletons suggesting we become more sanguine the older we get” provides a range of affordable and accessible legal products and services for over 50s at competitive fixed prices. Products include: Wills and Estate Planning, Probate and Conveyancing. For initial free advice or for more information, visit or call: 0800 656 9927

The top ten skeletons in the cupboard

  • Secret Debt (9 percent)
  • Diaries, journals (9 percent)
  • Private photographs (9 percent)
  • Internet browsing history (8 percent)
  • Racy underwear or dirty laundry (7 percent)
  • A stash of secret money (5 percent)
  • Love letters to an old flame (5 percent)
  • Love letters to a current secret lover (3 percent)
  • Secret Subscriptions (3 percent)
  • Betting slips (1 percent)

Top ten things the British think will bring peace of mind

  • Getting rid of junk and clutter (50 percent)
  • Telling someone you love them (37 percent)
  • Organising personal affects (36 percent)
  • Paying off the mortgage (33 percent)
  • Writing your will (28 percent)
  • Paying back someone who lent you money (28 percent)
  • Settling arguments/long term feuds with friends or family (26 percent)
  • Giving back borrowed items (18 percent)
  • Having grandkids (16 percent)
  • Make a list of music to play at your funeral (12%)
Article credited to SagaLegal  January 2014 

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