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Snakes and ladders

They have all but done away with switchboard operators and now inflict upon us the delights of the voicebox, a remote control system guaranteed to drive customers potty. You may have suffered it...

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Love thy neighbour!

You cannot go backwards in life. We should have known, of course, but memory plays tricks on us all. Everything looks better from a distance.



Oh dear, where are the young men of today going wrong? Looking at it from a grandfather's point of view, I'm wondering whether they've lost the plot.


Have you tried ice skating!

Jean and I also heard about a lady of 69 years who has rediscovered ice skating, one of her teenage delights. "You don't have to think about people or issues...


Laughter and tears

Laughter and tears seem to sum up what the British are all about. We're a grumpy lot, that's for sure, though at the same time we like a giggle.


The good old bad days

Ah, the good old bad days! We didn't have two ha'pennies for a penny, but we knew how to make the most of life and were never short of a laugh.


Eat Less

How to eat less and lose weight makes compulsive reading. We gaze in wonder at Then and Now pictures of smiling ladies who have lost seven stones