Travel after no deal Brexit

Travel after Brexit after no deal
Contact your local vet at least 4 months in advance of departure to find out what is required for your pets safe journey.

ABTA have offered some guidelines for people traveling to the EU or are thinking of booking a holiday to the EU after March 29th 2019 after Brexit.

For all travel after 29th March, check your passport expire date to ensure you have at least six months left until it expires, it is recommended that you renew your passport.

No Visas will be required until the new ETIAS online travel visa waiver system comes into place in 2021 for UK passport holders.

Make sure you have adequate travel insurance, including medical cover. The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which currently allows EU citizens access to state medical care in another EU country, will not be valid in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

International Driving Permit

Under a no-deal Brexit, post March 29, it is likely UK travelers will need to apply for an international driving permit – and you could need different permits for different EU countries. These are available from the AA, RAC or the Post Office.

Currently, UK drivers do not need an additional licence to drive in the EU. There will be a small fee for each licence.

Green cards for car insurance

Without a deal, UK citizens driving their vehicle in the EU will need to obtain and carry a Green Card.

These will be available from insurers and at an extra cost.

Taking pets abroad

Contact your local vet at least 4 months in advance of departure to find out what is required for your pets safe journey. Under a no-deal documentation and heath checks at boarders will change so obtain the right information before you leave. This will incur additional costs but at this stage it is unclear what those costs will be.

Data roaming

Current data roaming rules that keep costs of calls, messages and internet use down will not apply under a no deal Brexit.

Contact your mobile phone provider in advance of your travel plans to gain information as to the costs of that will be incurred using mobile aboard. Some providers have stated that current prices will not change but check to make sure.


Flights will still continue and people can continue to book travel to Europe. There maybe delays so make allowances for possible disruption.

Nothing will happen during the transition period and more information will become available closer the time.



Travel to the EU after a no deal Brexit may become more complicated and more expensive so it will just take a bit of extra planning and preparation so there are no nasty shocks.

Governments and Travel Companies are already preparing to ensure travel is not too disruptive and expensive for their customers.

Travel prices are a little bit more expensive due to the drop in Pound against the Euro and Dollar and a no deal Brexit may see the pound drop further.

ABTA Chief Executive Mark Tanzer said:

“UK citizens take over 50 million trips a year to Europe and it is the number one place people plan to visit next year. Today both the UK Government and the European Commission reiterated that flights will continue to operate between the UK and the EU after Brexit, and we welcome the Transport Secretary’s clear statement that travellers can continue to book with confidence.”

Stay informed

Find out more from as more information becomes available from the ABTA website.

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