Enjoy winter sunshine as a housesitter for free

The latest trend in authentic travel. Enjoy new destinations staying in real homes, benefiting from the owner's local knowledge, with free accommodation.


During the cold, damp British winter why not stay in a Chateau in France, a finca in Spain or down under,  for free!

By volunteering as pet and home carers, registered house sitters can travel the world without paying for accommodation. The latest trend in authentic travel. Enjoy new destinations staying in a real homes, benefiting from the owner’s local knowledge, with free accommodation.

How does housesitting work?

Working with an established house sitting network like HouseSitMatch.com, ensure sitters build a good profile, with ID and police check to optimise chances of being selected for the best assignments. For a joining fee, house sitters can travel the world on a fixed budget exchanging their services for free accommodation.

Many retired professionals enjoy this way of exploring the world, offering their life time’s experience in property, pet and home care as a swap for free accommodation.

CEO Lamia Walker said:

“At the moment on HouseSitMatch.com we’re featuring a Spanish finca near Estepona with breath-taking sea views, available for three months. The owner needs a sitter to care for the garden and two Spanish Mastin dogs. The house sitter enters an agreement with the homeowner to care for them as if they were their own pets.”

Australia for 3 months

A home in Australia is available for three months early 2019 during the British winter and their summer. The owner has one cat, whom she says is a real character and needs very little attention other than feeding and a home presence. “She’s more of a lodger really, the cat that is, and is very little trouble!” says Pamela of Mandurah, Western Australia.

Recent converts to housesitting Katherine and David, a semi-retired professional couple from Maidenhead, have just turned 60 and are ready to travel and to house sit.

Katherine heard about this way of traveling in one of her business networking groups and thought it sounded exactly what they needed after 35 years of raising children, financing them through university and caring for a family home and pets.

Katherine said: “While we can enjoy our health and our thirst for life, we want to see something of the world. It’s time to reconnect and find the things we enjoy doing as a couple. Travel is definitely one of those things and we are experts at home and pet care: we’ve been doing it all our married life!”

HouseSitMatch.com is an onlineservice for home and pet owners to meet house sitters in a dedicated space with tailored resources. The company first launched in two countries, the UK and Australia, and is now active in 25 countries.


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