All our banner ads are booked on the ‘Pay Per Impression (PPM)‘ model. We believe this offers the very best value for your advertising budget spent with us.

Your ad will appear randomly within your chosen category / ies and will automatically no longer appear once the booked impressions limit has been reached.

We currently do not supply any kind of tracking facility; we would strongly recommend the use of Google Analytics for confirmation of click activity to your website.

For enquiries please email [email protected].

Anti-fraud measure

Our PPM banner ad system has been built with a number of anti-fraud measures to help prevent abuse of the site and unnecessary impressions being registered against your ad.

Search Bot Detection

Functionality has been implemented that detects search bot traffic to the website and does not include either impressions or clicks from these sources when updating the Adverts. When a search bot visits a website, it sends data informing the server of it’s identity (via what is known as the ‘User Agent’ information).

While there are many hundreds of different search bots and therefore not every search bot will be detected, the functionality implemented will filter out the most common robots (Google, Yahoo, etc.) and any other robots identified by similar ‘User Agent’ information to ‘bot’, ‘spider’ or ‘crawler’.

Fraud detection

Fraud detection is an issue that cannot be entirely eliminated, as even Google continues to have issues with it! The more sophisticated fraudsters click adverts and refresh pages in a manner that resembles genuine user activity, making them difficult to catch.

The fraud detection we have implemented will detect the more obvious attempts however, enabling reassurance to be made that advertisers are unlikely to be defrauded. If an advertiser believes fraud has occurred, the Advert Click and Advert Activity reports can be used to manually verify if it seems likely that this is the case. The implemented system has been thoroughly tested and works effectively.

Our PPM banner prices

Prices shown below are per 1000 impressions.

Home page
All other categories

File dimensions

  1. Leaderboard: 728w x 90h. Maximum impressions per page: 1.
  2. Square: 250w x 250h. Maximum impressions per page: 2.
  3. Banner: 120w x 240h. Maximum impressions per page: 2.
  4. Button: 120w x 90h. Maximum impressions per page: 3.

File types

Accepted file types are JPEG, PNG and GIF (we currently do not accept SWF files). Please try to keep files below 50KB.

Booking an ad

To book your banner click on the link below and complete the simple form, you will be taken to PayPal’s secure server to complete your order.

Once your ad has been approved (by a human!) your ad will appear on the website following the instruction of when you want the ad live i.e as soon as possible, or from a given date.

Ad request

Booking form for advertisements on Retirement Matters

  • Please enter a contact telephone number
  • Price: £ 9.00
    728w x 90h. Maximum impressions per page:1
  • Price: £ 7.00
    250w x 250h. Maximum impressions per page: 2
  • Price: £ 5.00
    120w x 250h. Maximum impressions per page: 2
  • Price: £ 3.00
    120w x 90h. Maximum impressions per page: 3
  • Max. file size: 128 MB.
  • On receipt of the ad request we will contact you to advise if the ad is suitable for our audience. If you are successful the ad will be placed and once we have your approval payment will be requested.
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