Hearing Aids - why it pays to ensure yours is protected

It’s hardly a glamorous subject, yet age-related hearing loss is something that affects us all. Beginning from around 30 years old, most people develop significant hearing problems by the time they reach 80. Despite this, taking the decision to start wearing a hearing aid can often be hard, and many prefer to purchase their device from a private supplier in order to pick from a wider selection of smaller, more discreet models.

In the world of hearing aids, less is often more and privately purchased devices can represent a significant financial investment. After going through the lengthy and sometimes emotional process and finding the right one, taking the time to arrange an appropriate level of insurance cover is an important next step.

Though some home insurance providers will cover hearing aids, they often impose strict terms and conditions that bring the true extent of cover into question, while others exclude hearing aids entirely. A further complication is that many older people living in care homes no longer have traditional home contents insurance, leaving them vulnerable in the face of loss or damage to their device.

One option to consider is a standalone policy, such as offered by specialist insurance provider, Assetsure.

James Farley, Assetsure Managing Director comments: “Hearing aids are often a sensitive issue for people. Finding an insurance provider that not only offers true protection, but also looks after all those additional concerns, such as consultation and refitting charges, will help to minimise the level of distress and disruption to the wearer’s life should anything happen.” He also points out that taking out a standalone policy can help protect your home insurance no claims discount.

Assetsure’s Hearing Aid Insurance offers immediate worldwide all risks cover including unexplained disappearance or damage, with very few terms, conditions or exclusions. The policy, underwritten at Lloyd’s of London, is available to anyone in the UK over the age of 18, including residents in care homes and sheltered housing schemes.

James Farley, Assetsure Managing Director, adds: “Older people can be more prone to misplacing small items, such as hearing aids, and arranging specialist cover on a parent or loved one’s behalf can help set everyone’s mind at ease.”

Premiums start from as low as £30.00 per annum, with a 30-day cancellation period. The policy includes up to £150.00 consultation and refitting fees relating to a successful claim, and covers all types of BTEs (Behind the Ear), Mini BTEs and Receiver in Canal style hearing aids.

Content provided by Assetsure August 2014 

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