Downsizing made easy

DOWNSIZING MADE EASY WITH SENIOR MOVES For many older people moving house and downsizing can be stressful, overwhelming and emotional, but with Senior Moves it’s a breeze. Senior Moves specialises in assisting older adults and their families with the emotional and physical aspects involved in downsizing from a much loved family home and relocating to a new property that is possibly in a new area. When it comes to downsizing Senior Moves have some great tips to help things run smoothly. Don’t leave it too late. Have the ‘should we move to somewhere more suitable’ conversation regularly and don’t avoid talking about it however difficult it might be. Once the decision has been made to downsize, make a plan and work through each item to keep things simple and on track. Think in terms of three categories; what to keep, what to throw and what to give away and take it one cupboard at a time. If you have the floor plans of your new house, draw them onto a large piece of paper and place the furniture you want to take with you on this to ensure everything fits. Get at least three quotes from removal companies and if you can, go with one that has experience of downsizing and that offers storage. When it comes closer to the move make a ‘safe’ box for all important documents, passports, deeds, photos, financial paperwork and jewellery so nothing gets lost or thrown away by mistake. If in doubt speak to Senior Moves and see how they can help and share the move and all that goes with it. Amanda Fyfe, Director of Senior Moves, said, “For many older people, and their families, moving and downsizing is traumatic and emotional. We offer a new perspective and because we are independent we can help position the changes as a bright new start rather than the end of an era and life as they know it. Whatever help is needed, be it finding suitable new homes for people to view, organising packers or putting clothes into new wardrobes, we are here to help and make sure everything is ready for moving day”. Mrs Firmley, a happy client, said, “Senior Moves were amazing. Amanda gently persuaded us that many items in our old house were just too big for the new one and with her guidance, down-sizing was achieved without us coming to blows and we are so happy in our new home”. For more information go to NOTES: Senior Moves offers a full relocation service, designed for older people and their families. The services are fully flexible; Senior Moves can do all the work or just some of it. Amanda Fyfe, director of Senior Moves was running a busy successful business, juggling work, family, dogs and friends when her parents decided the time had come to move from the family home to be nearer their family. Several months of driving up and down the M5 to the every weekend to help organize the move, convinced Amanda and her family that there had to be a better way. During a business trip to the USA, Amanda met a Senior Move Manager and learned about the business. Several trips and some wonderful on the job experience later Amanda was in a position to bring this wonderful service to the UK. Senior Moves is a member of the American organisation the National Association of Senior Move Managers The company is fully insured and all staff are CRB checked Senior Moves can be contacted on 0771 283 4064 or visit Content credited to: Senior Moves Jan 2013



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