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Medical info on is provided by  Dr David Delvin M.B, B.S, L.R.C.P, M.R.C.S, D.Obst R.C.O.G, D.C.H, FPA Cert, M.R.C.G.P, Dip Ven, M.F.F.P.R.C.O.G.

Please enjoy Dr Delvin’s articles, written in his own style and words!  Please ensure that you have read the Retirement Matters Ltd full Terms-and-Conditions & Privacy-statement. We regret that the Doctor will not be able to reply personally to you, and replies to queries which may be published on the website, as well as articles appearing on the website, are general in content. Please consult your own medical practitioner for advice specific to yourself and please do not act on advice given or implied, as your own practitioner should be consulted.  All statistics quoted were correct at time of original article production.

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