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Keeping the Bailiffs at Bay - CTA (Council Tax Advisors) 

Offers much-needed solution for those in Council Tax & Business Rate Arrears

Assisting both residential owners/tenants and businesses, CTA has helped thousands of clients set up affordable payment plans with their Council after being visited by bailiffs. As the UK’s first and largest firm dedicated to helping those owing arrears to their Council, the company has firmly established itself as the leader in this ever-growing market.

While paying Council Tax or Business Rates is no fun task, failing to keep up with payments can quickly turn into stressful arrears and see bailiffs knocking at the door. However, while local Councils don’t have the best reputation for being understanding when times are tough, specialist advisors CTA (Council Tax Advisors) are helping thousands put an end to their arrears dilemma by working out a manageable repayment plan with their local authority.

The company is highly respected and operates nationwide providing free expert advice and 100% guaranteed mediation services. It has seen a dramatic rise in the use of its services as more people and businesses in the UK are struggling with their Council Tax bills and Business Rates than ever before.

Many customers first make contact after being visited by bailiffs. By offering clients free telephone advice on how to deal with major bailiff companies including Equita, Ross & Roberts, Rossendales, CTA can solve 60% of all issues brought to them with a single conversation.

However, as the company’s Founder explains, a specialist service exists for those stuck in hotter water.

“Every situation is different and we place a bold focus on listening to each client’s needs and working out a custom plan for them. Often, mediation is required between the local Council and a client. This is something we handle for a fixed fee of around £85 - £150. If we can’t solve the dispute, we don’t take a penny. However, 98% of the time, we’re successful in stopping bailiff action and leave our clients with a manageable payment plan through which to clear their outstanding taxes,” says Chris Richards.

The company’s steadfast success has seen them featured in both regional and national press articles as well as specialist television channel coverage. As the number of people owing Council Tax and Business Rate arrears continues to rise, CTA will remain at the forefront of fighting on their clients’ behalves.

“We see it as our duty to provide free advice, stop bailiff action and work out affordable repayment plans on behalf of our clients. Too many people suffer the hassles arrears and bailiffs bring, with some businesses even being forced to shut down. We’ll continue the fight!” Richards adds.

CTA’s informative website is the best starting point for anyone looking to use their services. Visit today:

The company can also be reached via telephone: 01225 667 667.

About CTA:

Council Tax Advisors (CTA) is a highly experienced, knowledgeable and professional organisation dedicated to helping you resolve your Council Tax or Business Rates Bailiff issues. They have helped 1000’s of people set up affordable payment plans with their Council after having been visited by Bailiffs such as Equita, Rossendales and Ross & Roberts to name a few.

Their mission is to remove the use of Bailiffs and heavy-handed action for those facing Council Tax and Business Rates arrears and offer an effective alternative solution. CTA offers FREE advice from the outset and only charges a fee if they act on your behalf to mediate between you, your Council and its Bailiffs.

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