Sales surge in E-Bikes boom


Retail sales for e-bikes has soared since the start of the pandemic and some having to go on a waiting list or spend thousands of pounds to purchase one.

Halfords announced a 72 per cent jump in profits

Retail sales of the bikes increased by more than 160 per cent in the last 12 months as consumers took to the cycling craze in their droves during lockdown.

PIONEERING electric bike specialist WAU Bike worked round the clock as a year’s stock was cleared out in a fortnight and says it is on track to reach more than 300 per cent growth in its annual sales volume, compared to its previous financial year.

Linas Pozerskis, who has a strong background in electronic and mechanical engineering, founded the company with business partner Crystal Drury in Nottingham, a city with a proud cycling heritage and home to the world-famous Raleigh bike brand.

The 26-year-old said:

“Over the last year, people up and down the country were looking to take up a new touring hobby, pass the time and get fit during the warmer months, which saw a huge sales increase in bicycles during the first lockdown – particularly with e-bikes.

“With many restrictions on foreign travel we know that UK staycations will soar, including touring and cycling holidays and days out. We’ve put our heart and soul into developing our WAU X Plus electric bike, selling £320,000 worth of bikes within the first month of launching.

“They are selling like hotcakes. We were regularly working 100-hour weeks and we even ended up sleeping on the floor of our Midlands factory to help us in coping with the demand.”
Sales in the first nine weeks of the new financial year haven’t stopped there, as customers snap up the new model, priced from £1,890. The bike has been designed with a range of features, including built-in high-grade Samsung lithium-ion power cells, which provide up to 100 miles of pedal assistance on a single charge, as well as a live tracking app and geo-fence security to alert users about their bike at all times. They can also charge their devices on the go, thanks to the model’s USB port.

Linas added:

“More than 50 per cent of our customers are men aged over 45 who want to go on touring trips to places like the Peak District, the Lake District, or even to Paris and back.
“We’ve also seen a lot of interest from workers in the gig economy, such as food delivery drivers who want to find an easier way to get up those big hills.
“More and more people are realising how easy to use and enjoyable electric bikes are.

We’re really seeing a growing community among people who have a WAU bike – they really like to get to know us and like what we do.

“We’re constantly striving to improve our products to provide commuters, couriers and cycling fans with a fully customisable electric bike experience. It’s a really easy transition from driving a car to using an electric bike, which obviously has benefits for the environment.”

Exercise without the pain

We have an e-bike and we find that we still work hard and exercise but we go a little faster and further on an e-bike and there is no need to get off and walk on the hills. Riding an e-bike is easier on the limbs but is far more enjoyable than a standard bike.


Cycle to work scheme

The Cycle to Work Day was on the 6th August, a great opportunity to get on your bikes and trial the route into work. The cycle to work scheme was introduced in 1999 to encourage employees to use a bike for the daily commute. Since 1999, millions of employees have used the tax advances to obtain good bikes and all the equipment for short or long journeys to the office.

With summer drawing to a close but the evenings and morning still light, its a perfect time to cycle to work or cycle when you get home from work.

A few simple steps:

  1. Check with your employer to see if they are registered with a cycle to work scheme – or suggest that they sign up to one
  2. Get a quote for the bike and accessories of your choice
  3. Submit the quote to your employer who will apply to the cycle scheme for a voucher to cover the cost of your bike
  4. Submit your voucher
  5. You pay your employer back in monthly instalments through payroll before you are taxed


Fastest selling smart, long range e-bike

WAU, which is currently the fastest selling smart, long-range e-bike across the UK, saw retail sales of the bikes – led by its flagship WAU X Plus brand – soar by more than 160% in the past year as the cycling craze took hold during the pandemic.

Crystal added:

“It’s fantastic to see more and more people being introduced to the world of e-bikes and falling in love with the quickly growing community, blissful ease and sheer speed of riding. The great thing about the WAU bike is, unlike many high street brands, it features a large battery that can last twice as long taking all range anxiety away and further saving anywhere between £500-£1,000 on new battery expenses every few years.

“Riders can now also feel a very strong road presence with the bike’s state-of-the-art 360 lights, which helps them to claim their own space on the road to avoid accidents – combined with the anti-theft tracking – enjoy their journey when riding long distances, putting their mind at ease.”



Cycle to work scheme

WAU e-bikes


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