Per Animal will be at the London Cats Extravaganza this weekend

Cat Anxiety
The unique manufacturing process is completely geared towards the promotion of “Animal”, i.e. vitality.

Per Animal, the Swiss Pet Company, will be exhibiting their products on the Katzenworld stall at the London Cats show in Tobacco Dock this weekend, 4th to 5th May

Swiss Pet company Per Animal launches a new unique pet product to the market. The SOULMATE range is designed to support the bond between human and animal while improving the overall wellness of pet companions.

Soulmate herbal essense for pets
Herbal essence for pets

Hand made organic herbal condensate

All PerAnimal SOULMATE products are unique and formulated by certified Swiss herbal specialists with decades of experience. They are made by hand from organic Swiss herbal condensate and Swiss Alpine herb extracts.

Animal Vitality at the core

The unique manufacturing process is completely geared towards the promotion of “Animal”, i.e. vitality.

The first product in this range is the SOULMATE N°1 – Time release Energy
SOULMATE N°1 uses Herbal condensate, hops, lemon balm,
edelweiss and alpine roses for its unique blend.

The specific combination of these ingredients has been found to help with:

  • Overcoming fear and anxiety, supporting restful sleep
  • Keeping calm & focused
  • Assisting the body’s ability to handle stress
  • Restoring normal moods
  • Intensifying the bond between pet and pet parent
  • Restoring a pets’ sense of wellbeing
  • Strengthening energy flow and regeneration

How to apply

The application of SOULMATE is easy and pet guardians will simply need to follow a few simple instructions:

  • Rubbing hands together to warm up palms and make the experience more pleasant for the pet
  • Three bursts of the spray are to be applied to the palms
  • Gentle rubbing over the back and sides of the pet that is to be exposed to the positive effects

The positive effects on pets can often be seen within minutes but may occur gradually depending on the pet. The product does have beneficial effects for all pets and horses.

SOULMATE can be applied as often as consumers like as there is no risk of overdosing.

For further details or samples please do get in touch.

About PerAnimal:

PerAnimal is a leading brand distribution agency in Europe. They currently carry exclusivity for many US, Canadian and Austrian pet products. Furthermore the company works on launching their own products such as the SOULMATE range in order to promote wellbeing for our pets.

Cat Anxiety

Testimonial by Riva Mayer from 2 for Cats a well known Cat Welfare Activist: Soulmate is a brilliant product that we use with one of our distressed cats as part of a comprehensive rehabilitation program. The product has helped calm him down and we apply it to his bedding as well as rub it on him!
For further details, interviews, and samples please do get in touch via email or telephone: +44 7969738331.

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