National Relaxation Day 15th August 2018

Relaxation week
We look forward to a relaxing retirement, a time to enjoy life and take things easy, but work related stress can be replaced with other types of stress.

We look forward to a relaxing retirement, a time to enjoy life and take things easy, but work related stress can be replaced with other types of stress. Worrying about loved ones, financial worries and health concerns. For National Relaxation Day I have found 10 great ways for the over 50’s to experience relaxation.

Relaxation can often be found in activities, rather than not doing anything

Top Relaxation methods for the over 50’s

1 – Yoga

Yoga is not for everyone but is certainly something worth a try. Yoga massages every part of the body and gives us quiet time to contemplate and relax close the mind to worries.

The body will feel relaxed after a yoga class this helps our minds to relax too.

2 – Tia Chi

This ancient Chinese practice is quickly becoming popular with the over 50’s. Tia Chi involves meditative deep breathing and relaxation exercise’s by slow, graceful and controlled movements. The moves work to massage the joints and muscles in a gentle way.

Often the practice of Tia Chi helps with our mental health as well as physical benefits.

3 – Dancing

Dancing offers so much enjoyment. Music lifts our spirits and dancing uplifts us. I challenge you to dance and not smile! Find a dance class that suits you. Ballroom, Zumba or dancing at weddings, it is the best way to exercise and have fun.

Attending a weekly class will give us the chance to make new friends and learn new moves.

4 – Walking Football

Walking Football is the new craze talking off all over the country. Join a local Walking Football league and start playing in your local team and in the league.

5 – Walking

You don’t need a dog to go for a walk in the countryside. The countryside offers relaxation in the form of energy from the trees, the breathtaking countryside clears the mind of worry and gives us time to ourselves.

Alternatively, you can join a local ramblers group to walk and talk with friends and neighbours.

6 – Swimming

Swimming gently around the pool is enjoyable but have you tried open water swimming? Going out of our comfort zone. There are so many benefits to open water swimming including feeling energised and rejuvenated.

There are open water swimming clubs across the country.

Open Water Swimming

7 – Golf

Learn something new. Learn a game that gets you out of the house, playing with other people and having some fun.

Ladies golf is becoming very popular with many clubs offering ladies league games and competitions.

8 – Bowls

This low impact, social game has been enjoyed and played by many over 50’s for years. My grand father played bowls and competed in the league, keeping him fit and healthy.

Bowls England will give you lots of information about clubs and leagues, but again, relaxation comes in the form of happiness.

9 – Meditate

Meditation has been recommended by many as having a powerful effect on our mind and body. Benefits of mediation include: better sleep, increases attention span, increases immunity, improves metabolism, improves brain function, makes you happier and feeling connected, reduces aging and stress.

10 – Volunteering

Helping offers provides feelings of purpose and being part of something good gives us the feeling of accomplishment and pride. Helping others takes the focus from our own worries even if its just for a short time.

Find a local charity or cause or check out the website


We often think that relaxation is sitting down with a cup of tea. Although this is nice, relaxation is often finding company and activities that we enjoy where are phycical body and mind can unwind and relaxation. Happy National Relaxation Day!

How do you relax?

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