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Across the UK and Ireland, baby boomers were the most active cyclists - with the 50-59 age group getting out for a ride the most often.

Happy New Year to all our readers and members. Starting the year with some inspiration for all of us to get out there, jump on a bike, join a club and get active for 2019.

New data insights from 36 million members of Strava, the social network for athletes, were released in December showing that in the UK, the over 40s are the most active.

2018 saw members in the UK and Ireland log a staggering 1 billion km of cycling and 269 million km of running, with the new data from Strava’s Year in Sport 2018 report highlighting some surprising differences between the generations.

  • The UK’s older generation of runners and cyclists shown to be most active – getting out and exercising most often
  • Over 50s most active UK cyclists, over 40s most active runners
  • Over 40s are the fastest cyclists, whilst under 30s are the fastest runners
  • UK the world’s most sociable exercise nation with over 50s most likely to exercise in a group
  • Strava’s Year in Sport Report analyses over 8.5 billion km of cycling and 1.5 billion km of running from around the world

Baby boomers most active cyclists

Across the UK and Ireland, baby boomers were the most active cyclists – with the 50-59 age group getting out for a ride the most often. In running, generation X were the most active, with the 40-49 age group pulling on their trainers most frequently.

In total, the UK amassed 42.3 million rides and 42.1 million runs. Whilst they were outperformed by their elders (the 20-29 age group recorded the fewest activities), it’s not all bad news as this age group still collectively managed to complete an incredible 11,100 marathons and over 3,500 100+ mile rides.

Data showing over 50’s in UK very active

UK Most Active Group
Over 40s Most Active in the UK, New Data Shows

When it comes to speed, there were marked differences between the nation’s runners and cyclists. The youngsters in the 20-29 age group were consistently the quickest runners whereas in cycling the 40-49 (England, Wales and Ireland) and 50-59 (Scotland and Northern Ireland) age groups came out on top.


Older age groups were more sociable

Older age groups were also shown to be more sociable – with two-thirds of the 50-59 age group regularly taking part in group activities. To add to this, the UK was the world’s most sociable nation, with an average group size of 13.6 people compared to a global average of 8.6.

The oldest age groups were making best use of their free time, exercising for the longest each time they run or ride, with the 70+ age group riding for 1hr 55 mins and running for nearly 54 minutes on average.

Gareth Mills, UK Country Manager at Strava, said

“We’ve analysed billions of athletic data points from Strava’s 36 million members and put them to good use for Strava’s Year in Sport 2018 report. As we hit 2 billion activities uploaded from the community, one thing that stands out especially is the importance of social exercise.”

He added: “Our data shows that sociability dramatically improves motivation – joining a club, setting a goal and exercising in a group – all boost activity. I love seeing that running and cycling activity rates continue to rise as we get older. Perhaps those of us in the younger age brackets should consider putting our phones down and find time to get out and exercise more!”

Joining a Club boosts activity

Sports Clubs Data

Join a local sports club, running club or cyclists club. You can find clubs on MeetUp but there are Park Runs across the country and Sustrans are a national cycle network and clubs are advertised on British Cycling Website.

Whatever your choose to do get out there, meet new people and enjoy getting active for 2019.

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