Over 50’s get Geri-Active! joint care ….

It’s official, the over 50s have never been fitter! We are living longer and, thanks to better diet and lifestyle and huge advances in medical care and treatment, our quality of life is better.

Over 50s get Geri-Active!
Protect older joints with *NEW* PhytodolJoint Care Spray (Also available in Phytodol Cream)

It’s official, the over 50s have never been fitter! We are living longer and, thanks to better diet and lifestyle and huge advances in medical care and treatment, our quality of life is better. The old cliché of the 70-year-old lady sitting in a comfy chair knitting and sporting a blue rinse is no more. You’re as likely to find her with a fashionable hair-do at the pool or even in the gym!

However, even the fittest and most active over 50s are susceptible to joint discomfort at times, often preventing exercise altogether, as well as significantly and negatively affecting many other aspects of life.

Painkillers and anti-inflammatories can provide relief but they can have contraindications with other medication and it is widely acknowledged that long-term use can cause other health issues.

PhytodolJoint Care is an effective, all-natural, topical treatment designed to help care for joints and muscles and maintain their health. It is available in a convenient spray or cream form that is rapidly absorbed, providing fast, effective relief. The formula is non-stain and both the spray and the cream are conveniently-sized to carry with you to the gym or elsewhere, with the 100ml cream small enough to fit into your pocket while out and about. Phytodol can be applied as many times as needed, it has a non-stain and fast and fast acting formula.

Even for non-sporty types, Phytodol is the perfect companion for older gardeners, for ramblers and dog-walkers and is certainly a must when sight-seeing or perhaps simply shopping.

PhytodolJoint Care is unique, it is the only joint care spray on the UK market, it is instantly absorbed through the skin and acts fast directly to the affected areas. It contains a unique combination of glucosamine, MSM, arnica, ginger, zedoary and cinnamon oils, all know for their beneficial effects for joints and muscles.

Glucosamine hydrochloride. Essential for maintaining the connective tissue of the joints. Recent research and studies suggest that glucosamine can be better and faster absorbed through the skin rather than if ingested in a tablet.

  • MSM. Many studies have shown MSM to help with the maintenance of healthy muscles and joints.
  • Arnica glycolic extract. Arnica is frequently used by professional athletes, it is well known for anti-inflammatory properties
  • Ginger essential oil. Ginger has been traditionally used in many countries for its warming sensation, which gives relief to the joints.
  • Zedoary essential oil. When used topically, zedoary provides a soothing tonic for stiff and sore joints.
  • Cinnamon essential oil. Cinnamon essential oil is rich in eugenol and cinnamic aldehyde, which have remarkable stimulating properties. The cinnamon adds to the pleasant scent and aroma of Phytodol.

Dr Anna Crupi, of Pharmalife Research comments:

“In addition to regular physical activity, controlling your weight and avoiding smoking, it is important to help joints day-to-day by taking food supplements with Glucosamine and Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM). For those who already have joint inflammation, topical application of essential oils and glyceric extracts may be useful. Ginger, Zedoary and Cinnamon essential oils and Arnica glycolic extract have anti-inflammatory and analgesic actions, which are useful to reduce inflammatory pain.”

Phytodol Joint Care costs £14.80 for 200ml Spray or 100ml cream. Available in selected Holland & Barrett stores, vitahealthcare.com and all independent health food stores & pharmacies.

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