Most affordable homebuyer hotspots for electric car owners

Charging points
For many, our cars are an integral part of our home and more and more of us are opting for electric or hybrid options when it comes to four wheels

Moving house for the over 50’s comes with many considerations like green spaces, transport links and now electric charging points. Estate agents are being asked what’s the most affordable hotspots for electric car owners.

With the demand for electric and hybrid vehicles increase so too comes the demand for fast and efficient electric charging points for those that can not have the electric points fitted at their homes.

Distribution of electric charging points across the UK

The report looks at the whole of the UK and areas that offer good access to electric charging points, here are some findings: –

  • Across the UK, there is an average of just 4.8 charging stations for every 100 electric vehicles.
  • There are just 20 areas of the UK that are currently home to more than 20 charging stations per 100 electric vehicles, with the average cost of a home coming in at £370,885 – 40% more than the UK average.
  • The good news is that 14 of them are home to below-average property prices.
  • With 22 charging points per 100 electric vehicles, Blaenau Gwent is not only a great place to own an eco-friendly car, but at £112,343, it’s also home to the most affordable property price.
  • The Western Isles ranks second with 35.4 charging points per 100 vehicles and an average house price of just £129,365.
  • Sunderland completes the top three, with the average property costing just £132,345 while there are some 22.2 charging stations for every 100 electric cars.
  • Other areas to make the list with over 20 charging stations for every 100 electric vehicles include Fermanagh and Omagh (£139,626), Dumfries and Galloway (£148,546), Argyll and Bute (£158,460), Lincoln (£169,115), Boston (£173,304), Highland (£184,214), Gwynedd (£193,961), Coventry (£204,170), Isle of Anglesey (£211,175) Eden (£220,735) and Pembrokeshire (£222,428).


Homebuyers need access to electric charging points

For many, our cars are an integral part of our home and more and more of us are opting for electric or hybrid options when it comes to four wheels. GetAgent’s research analysed the UK market based on the number of electric vehicle charging devices per 100 electric vehicles, as well as the cost of purchasing a property, to see which areas are best for homebuyers on both fronts.

Founder and CEO of, Colby Short, commented:

“Our cars and our homes go hand in hand as they’re often the two most expensive assets we own and the two we’re most proud of.

We know how a driveway or garage space can add real value to a home but with more of us opting for electric vehicles to help reduce our impact on the environment, the ability to charge them is fast becoming a very sought after amenity amongst homebuyers.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many locations that offer an abundance of charging stations and even fewer still that also offer an affordable foot on the ladder.

As with any emerging technology, it should only be a matter of time before this tide starts to turn and we gain greater access to charging stations to help meet the growing demand for greener transport.”


Average House prices in each region

Electric charging points

Electric charging points


Electric vehicle data sourced from Electric vehicle charging device statistics and Licensed vehicle data
House Price data sourced from – UK House Price Index (Aug 2021 – latest available)

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