Dyson digital – new April 2012

The Dyson Digital Slim™ vacuum cleaner can be recharged in the docking station or remotely by removing the battery from the machine.

Dyson Digital Slim™

The most powerful cordless vacuum with new anti-static carbon fibre filaments 

 Dyson Digital



Twice the suction power of any other lightweight cordless vacuum in use Powered by the Dyson digital motor, the vacuum has anti-static carbon fibre filaments to improve fine dust pick-up from hard floors.

Carbon fibre has anti-static properties and the brushes on the Dyson Digital Slim™ reduce the build up of static charges. The brush bar also has stiff nylon bristles to pick up ground-in dirt from carpets.

James Dyson: “Our digital motor has taken over ten years to develop. Because of its speed – it spins five times faster than a Formula 1 car engine – it’s smaller, stronger and more efficient, making DC35 a smaller, lighter, and more powerful machine.”

Dyson digital motor

The Dyson digital motors is the fastest ever developed by Dyson.

The Dyson digital motor is small, light and energy efficient. Spinning a neodymium magnet at up to 104,000rpm, it is self-regulating to optimise efficiency. An internal microprocessor makes up to 3,300 adjustments each second to control its speed to monitor and self-adapt to vacuum airflow.

Root Cyclone™ technology

Other cordless vacuums can lose up to half their suction power in use. Batteries fade, reducing power and their filters clog with dust, blocking the airflow. With up to 15 minutes of constant power (13 minutes with floor tool attached).

Dyson’s patented Root Cyclone™ technology – condensed to fit into the machine – spins dust and dirt out of the air using centrifugal force, so there’s no loss of suction.

Dual-power mode

A dual power mode allows up to 15 minutes of constant suction (13 minutes with floor tool attached).  For stubborn dirt, a button can trigger 6 minutes of higher suction.

Detachable, long-reach wand

A 66cm long, lightweight aluminium wand attaches directly to the machine to convert it from a handheld to slim vacuum cleaner.

Lithium-ion technology

Using only a 22.2V lithium-ion battery pack, the machine releases its charge evenly so there is no drop in performance.  It takes just 3.5 hours to fully charge the machine, up to three times faster than other cordless vacuums. A full charge gives up to 15 minutes of power, depending on cleaning mode.

Docking station and remote charging

The Dyson Digital Slim™ vacuum cleaner can be recharged in the docking station or remotely by removing the battery from the machine. The machine’s battery charger has qualified for the Energy Star rating for its energy efficiency.  Once the battery is charged the charger switches to monitoring mode (drawing less than 1W).

The Dyson Digital Slim™ is on sale at dyson.co.uk and usual RRP is £219.99.


Carbon fibre – Carbon fibre is a strong, durable, lightweight and conductive material. The material reduces the build up of static and helps to remove fine dust. Carbon fibre has many uses including: helicopter tails, fishing rods and golf clubs. It also has anti static properties so it can also be used to protect sensitive electrical components from static damage during the assembly of computers.

Guarantee – The machine comes with a two year parts and labour guarantee.

Energy Star Rating – The machine’s battery charger has qualified for the Energy Star rating, due to its energy efficiency.

Testing – The machine has been tested for over 200 hours by mechanical rigs and real people – dropping it, bashing it and generally abusing it.

Colour – The machine is iron with a satin blue cyclone top.

Accessories – It comes with a conductive carbon fibre brush bar, wand, docking station and separate charger, combination tool (for dusting) and crevice tool (for tight gaps and narrow spaces).

RETIREMENT MATTERS NOTE:   We have used this Dyson and it is wonderful – especially for older people , those who can’t carry heavy objects, drag a cleaner behind them (a machine cleaner, not a human!), the disabled, children, it’s really great and if you just get some crumbs on the carpet it’s so easy to

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